Getting a profitable campaign up and running is one thing, but keeping it profitable over the long term is even harder. It’s tempting to just set it and forget it, but if you want to keep you quality scores from slipping, campaigns require ongoing maintenance. I’ll be going into several of these maintenance techniques, to help you:

The topic for today is removing 0 impression keywords. Long tail keywords are great. They usually have super high CTRs, sometimes 100%. But the downside that you never hear people mention, is that if you have keywords that never get impressions it hurts your campaign. A keyword that just sits in your account without ever being searched for is just dead weight. It’s a tough call to determine how long you want to wait for those long tails impressions before removing the keywords.

Personally, I like to run a pretty tight ship. If a keyword hasn’t shown an impression in 3 months, it’s gone. This is fairly easy to do, but time consuming. Just check the ad group with the stat interval you want, sort by impressions, then delete everything with a 0. Doing this on a regular basis will purge the dead keywords from your campaign, and keep your quality scores high.