How to get into Pay per call

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As you may have noticed in my other posts, I’m a big fan of Pay Per Call. I like running direct network campaigns with it, and using it for local lead gen and private offers. I think we are just scratching the surface of the possibilities for the technology.  The ability to track calls like clicks is a real game changer.

Here’s a quick review of some of the benefits:

  • On major affiliate networks, average earning per click for web offers is around .65. For Pay Per Call, average earnings >$10
  • Average conversion rates for online only campaigns is around 1-3%. Pay Per Call is around 30-50%.
  • Higher final sales prices with Pay Per Call
  • Better CTR with ads including a phone number

As you can see, Pay per call has some pretty impressive stats going for it, so how can you get started?  The easiest way is to just run some of the Pay Per Call offers on the big networks.  You usually have to sign up for these programs separately, even if you are already an affiliate of the network.  Once approved, you sign up for an individual offer, just like you would a web based offer.

The 3 largest programs are:

There are also a lot of smaller networks out there running Pay Per Call offers.  Almost all networks are using the Ring Revenue PPcall platform.  (My interview with the CEO of Ring Revenue is here)

What kinds of offers are there?

There is a wide range of offers available.  In general they are more established companies running PPcall, because of the higher investment required to get the programs running, and the staff involved in answering calls.  The payouts are usually a price range on a sliding scale rather than a single payout. For example the eFax offer on CJ pays from $1-$25 based on call duration and menu options pressed.

Some other examples of good paying offers on CJ are:

Fitorbit(Exercise niche) -  Up to $40 per call
Health Insurance Megastore – Up to $30 per call
ADT – Up to $25 per call
Allstate  – $12 per call

Direct Pay Per Call

If you want to try Pay per call on your own offer, for a example a Local Lead Gen offer, you need to sign up for a call tracking service directly.  There are a lot of them out there, but I use Ifbyphone (discount link).  This will allow you to generate a phone number to use with your campaign that can be tracked in Google Analytics, just like clicks.

It’s not hard to give Pay Per Call a try, especially on a major network.  Just like any new web skill, there is a learning curve.  But if you already know web offers and PPC, it’s an easy transition.  If you are frustrated with regular web offers maybe it’s time to give Pay Per Call a shot.

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Pay per click, pay per call, click to call mashup

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About a year ago I was brainstorming one night about the future of internet marketing. I wrote in big letters on the top of my whiteboard:

Mobile + Pay per call = Future

With mobile penetration continuing to go through the roof, and pay per call technology rapidly evolving, those 2 points will converge at some point. We are still in the very early stages of the merging of these technologies. The few early players in the game up until now have been mobile service providers who can implement their own customer pay per call display ad solutions.   Now Google has quietly introduced click to call, allowing everyone to access mobile users with a real solution.  Basically a mobile user sees an ad and clicks it to be connected directly to the number, rather than having to enter the number and dial manually.   The clicks are charged to same price as regular web clicks.

As a marketer, I immediately thought how this could work with pay per call.  I do a lot of work with pay per call on local lead gen, so click to call seemed like a perfect fit.   Now you can actually integrate pay per click, pay per call, and click to call in one easy step.

Pay per click ad >  Click to call > Pay per call number

Why would you want to do this?  Here’s an example:

• Say you were running a local lead gen offer. You had a unique trackable phone number set up to capture phone leads (pay per call).
• Now say you wanted to reach local mobile users browsing the internet on smartphones like IPhones, Droids, Blackberry, etc. (pay per click)
• Finally, you want those users to be able click directly on the ad from their phone, rather than having to dial the number into their phone. (click to call)

Some of the benefits:

  • You get the benefit of 2 options in your ad, clicks or calls
  • You get the increase CTR from having they extra information on your ad.  Any extra information in your ad, like a phone number, makes it stand out from the rest.  It also adds legitimacy to your ad.
  • If they do click through on the phone number, you have the huge benefit of excellent phone lead conversion rates, compared to website conversion.
  • You could even use the click to call reports from Google to track and bill your local lead gen client!  A built in tracking solution.

Setup is simple, in the Campagin settings under Networks, Devices and Extensions, click the checkbox to enable click to call under ad extensions.  Enter your phone number (your trackable pay per call number).  Then under Devices, to make sure check the box to show ads to iphones and other mobile devices with browsers.

Keep in mind this is not going to be a large traffic source right now, but I think is going to be huge going forward.  Start playing around with it now before it gets saturated.

Interested in this kind of local lead gen stuff?  Then you’re going to want to sign up to my new list!  Something big is coming soon.

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Interview with Pay Per Call innovator Ring Revenue

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I have always thought Pay Per Call is a potentially game changing technology for our industry.  I am investing a lot of my company’s resources going forward in testing Pay Per Call offers and marketing techniques.  Today I was lucky enough to interview Jason Spievak, the CEO of Ring Revenue.  His company has developed the groundbreaking call tracking platform that is in use on several affiliate networks.

Here is the basic outline of how it works:

I asked Jason many questions about using Pay Per Call, mainly from the perspective of the affiliate marketer.  This is a must listen for anyone looking to get into this emerging field of marketing!   Please click the player below to hear to the full 14 minute interview.

To download the MP3 right-click save as

Also, if you would like to see the slides from their recent Affiliate Summit West presentation you can find them here.

After you listen, feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts on PPcall.  Are you currently testing with it or do you plan in the future?

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Future internet marketing trends

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Its important in our industry to always be looking forward.  Internet marketing changes so fast that in order to stay on top you need to always have an eye to the next big wave.   There is no way we can predict what will happen, but we can try to look out for emerging trends.  So where do I see the next big trends?  Here are a few that I would keep an eye on:


It is said that all real estate is local.  I think the same will become the true for Internet Marketing.  I see pay per click, organic search, and social advertising all continue to focus more an more on local results.   Even national offers will be focused on individual local levels.  As competition increases for everything, the more local the results for the particular end user, the better.

Vertical specific networks

I see general affiliate networks being less and less relevant as time goes on, due to their obvious challenges.   On the other hand, vertical specific networks are on the upswing.   These networks are tightly focused on one niche or demographic and therefore able to serve that niche more efficiently and thoroughly.   By focusing on one market segment, you can usually dominate your competitors who have limited knowledge of your niche and these types of networks are proving that.

Mobile space + Pay per call

I am really bullish on this concept.  With the current and projected explosion of commerce in the mobile space, and the recent advances in pay per call tracking and processing, this is going to be huge.   Just imagine the benefits of being able to integrate an affiliate or lead gen offer on a mobile with a pay per call solution (rather than a bulky web based transaction) .  You as the marketer, get the super high conversion rate of a 1 touch action.  The advertiser gets the hugely increased back end conversion from their human sales force.  This is still in the very earliest stages, but I am putting significant resources into this concept.

These are just a few examples, there are many many more.   What trends do you see emerging for Internet Marketing in the future?

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Tracking phone leads with Google Voice

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When you are working with a company on a private lead generation campaign, the company will sometimes need to receive the leads by phone calls.  Obviously its much easier to track online leads, but call tracking is not as hard as you might think.  There a variety of paid services available to track and log phone leads, but now you can do it for free with Google Voice.

Here are the steps to track phone leads with Google Voice

1.  Set up a Google Voice account for the campaign.  The phone number you choose is the one you will advertise in your ads.

2.  Set up the forwarding number to the business.  This will automatically forward calls from the Google number to the business phone.  You can also set up groups if the business has multiple phone numbers or departments to take the lead calls.   Be sure you turn off call screening so the call goes right through.  Your call conversion rate will drop if customers have to listen to the Google Voice prompts.  You want a seamless call for the end user.

3.  Start the campaign.  The company will now get their calls directly from the ads, and you can track each call from your computer in your Google Voice account.  Each call will generate a log entry in your call history section along with the time, date.  Each entry is essentially a conversion.  Assign your CPA price for each call.  Then you can export this for your reports and billing invoices for the customer.

Some businesses might want to use the voicemail option after hours to capture calls when no one is on staff to answer the phone.  Those can be transcribed and read from the Google Voice panel.   You can do things like offer the customer a reduced CPA rate for voicemail calls to still capture some revenue on those leads.

This might not be the most robust method as far as analytics, but its a solid way to track all calls generated from an ad for billing purposes.  You don’t have to rely on a busy company to track their incoming calls manually and report to you the totals.  The data is all in your control from your Google Voice account.  Best of all, its free!

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