List of social networks for advertising

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I came across this excellent list of social networks with their user bases and projected ad spending for 09. It was put together by Borreall Associates and can be used as a great resource for affiliates looking for new traffic sources. On the list are 118 networks that accept advertising and media buying.

Of course, Facebook and Myspace count for the majority of social media advertising, but there is still enough good traffic on other sites to be worth testing.  There is at least 1 other gem on the list in the top 20 that I have tested and is a great traffic source.

The download system is kind of a pain But since the report is free and this kind of data is valuable, its worth it.   Download PDF or Excel version here.

Here are the top 30:

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Facebook workplace targeting

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One of the most critical component of any successful Facebook ad campaign is your targeting selections. Most people select either location, age, keyword, or sex targeting when creating their ad. But another targeting technique you might want to test is workplace targeting. It’s easy to skip right over that option, even though it is dead center in the middle of the ad creation page. I only began extensively testing workplace targeting in the last year, and the results have been excellent.

Workplace targeting can work extremely well on Facebook, if done correctly. Why?

  • Workplaces and organization can have large numbers of people. Those people may be scattered among various geographic regions and age groups that wouldn’t have been picked up on other targeting methods.  The workplace option consolidates them into one easy group.
  • People in companies or organizaions often have a similar interests and needs that you can match to certain affiliate products or services. For example tech companies like Microsoft or Cisco would could be targeted for tech offers, because most of the employees are likley to be interested in those offers. While companies like AmEx or Citi could be targeted for financial based offers, and so on.

You could even go through the list of Fortune 500 companies and think of the corporate culture and interests of the employees of each company. Then find offers to match those interests, and create the Facebook ads.

The possibilities are huge. So, next time you are testing a Facebook ad campaign, don’t forget to test out workplace targeting.

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Increasing Facebook ads CTR by 2,166%

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We have been putting in a surprising amount of focus into social media ads this year. Clients are requesting it more and more, and I am running my own campaigns. So with all the constant testing, I am finally seeing some consistently good results with social media advertising.

Back when I posted my Adwords content network versus Facebook Ads test, I was getting CTRs in the .03 range. Not very good and barely at the level that keeps the ad running. Now I am routinely getting ad click through rates of around .68, which is a 2,166% increase. How?

Nothing fancy, just laser targeting. By simply slicing and dicing the demographic groups down to smaller and smaller groups, then writing ads focused specifically to those groups, I was able to boost CTRs dramatically. That old single ad that had received 35 million impressions and 11,500 clicks is now split into about 55 different ads. The impressions dropped because of targeting so few users, but given the massive CTR boost, overall clicks are now way up. So what took 35 million impressions to get before only takes 1.7 million impressions to receive an equal amount of clicks. Thats the beauty of specific targeting.

How specific to target? I like to use a rule of thumb that ads shouldn’t be targeting more than 200,000 people, in the estimated group size. If you are targeting more than that, break it up smaller and write another ad.

The even better aspect is that with the increased CTR comes decreased click pricing (CPC). The average CPC on the old ad was .55 and now the group of ads averages about .38. Thats a 30% decrease in click pricing.

These kind of improvements can turn previously tested unprofitable niches into profitable ones. Of course the downside to all this is time. It takes a lot of time to write and submit ads, and unfortunately not much of that can be automated. There’s an art to writing ads to appeal to specific groups, and no tool can be as creative as your mind. So with social media ads, just like with pay per click, writing highly targeted ads to specific groups is the key to success.

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