As the economy continues its downward spiral, one trend that is on the upswing is comparison/review sites. These are sites or landing pages that feature many products usually with a chart of ratings based on certain criteria. Studies have shown that as money gets tighter, people are doing more online research before making any purchases. They are less in buy mode and more in research mode. The savvy internet marketer can hop on this growing trend and help these consumers out, while helping themselves make better profits.

My first experience with comparison landing sites was back when VOIP offers were paying close to $90. I had a large chart with the pros and cons of each VOIP service and of course my affiliate links to each service. The site did very well, and even started ranking organically for several VOIP phrases.

Tips for building comparison/review sites:

1. Build your comparison site with consumers in mind. These are researching consumers not direct buyers, so give them the actual information they are looking for to make their buying decisions.

2. Build in comment functionality. If you can get an actual community of users commenting on the reviews you will have a goldmine.

3. Build your site with SEO in mind. Search engines love to index review pages, and you might end up getting free traffic. Your pay per click campaigns will have higher scores and not be slapped.

4. Don’t make up your reviews. Do research, visit authority sites and the product vendors. Tell them you are building a review site and ask for permission. Provide real info, not made up ratings to push the highest paying offer.

When done right, comparison/review sites should continue to work better and better in the current economic climate. Good luck!