Create landing pages based on keyword intent

If you have found a campaign and offer that is converting well, you probably are already running customized landing pages based on the keyword used. For example is someone searches for “carbon fiber golf clubs” you have the word “carbon fiber golf clubs” on the landing page. You probably grab the search term and display it on your page with PHP. Pretty common sense stuff. But I like to take it one step further to squeeze a higher conversion percentage from my landing pages. It’s all about choosing the type of landing page based on the intent of the keyword. Certain keywords are used by searchers at different buying stages of the buying cycle. So you don’t want to send someone looking for general information to the same landing pages as someone ready to buy. To determine what type of landing page would be best, you need to determine the web searchers intent for term they typed in.

It’s probably best described with an example:

Say you are pushing an offer on CJ for DVD players. If someone searches the term “Blue Ray DVD players”, to me that says the person is in an information gathering or comparison mode. So it makes sense to send them to a comparison type landing page. That kind of page could list different models, pros and cons, the “editors pick” (of course all of are your affiliate links). On the other hand if a person searches for “Sony BDP-S550”**, that is a person ready to buy. Model numbers are super high converting keywords and those searchers don’t need a lot of pre-sellling, if any at all. In fact, this would be a great term to direct link to the offers sales page if you can get away with it. If you have to go through a landing page, a minimal pass-through page should convert best.

There are no tools out there that will tell you the intent of the searcher typing in a keyword, and which landing page would go with it. That’s where your creativity comes in as an affiliate. But if you just put yourself in the mindset of the consumer, it should guide you in the right direction, and lead to better converting campaigns.

**(If this was a brand restricted keyword you could try leaving off the “sony”, just bid on “BDP-S550″ and phrase match it to grab the impression based off a “Sony BDP-S550″ search)

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Posted in General, Keywords, Landing Pages by cdfnetworks on 02|27|08
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Comment by CPA Affiliates
2008-02-28 00:45:40

thats a good tip man that I have used and works well :)

Comment by Eean
2008-09-22 12:50:29

Hi, well nice tip indeed.
I’ve seen this unique company ( which is offering great service that describe and present users intentions by their queries.
Their patented technology aggregating users “events” from major searches engines and analyzing these events into “social data”
They are supporting Multilanguage’s and are working intensively with the US and DE markets.
I’ve worked with them before and the outcomes was more then great.

Comment by roiBert
2008-02-28 03:07:00

Give the audience what it wants… if they are buying, then sell to them… if they are researching, then inform them.

So easy of a concept, yet so over-looked by most marketers.

Thanks Chad for another great article that brings common sense approaches back into the world of online marketing.

BTW – Microsoft’s AdCenter Labs does have a tool for

But sadly it falls way short of being useful for determining “buying” intent.


Comment by Chad
2008-02-28 17:35:07

Thanks for that link. Adcenter labs always has some fun stuff. Like you said though, it falls short of being really useful…

Comment by Scott
2008-02-28 17:32:53

Thats some really good info. But i’m curious what you meant by a pass through page.

Comment by Chad
2008-02-29 23:15:00

Just a page that funnels the user directly through to the offer page as quickly as possible without extra pre-selling or distractions.

2008-03-24 12:00:30

Wow, thanks for the advice. I had never realized that Model numbers were high converting keywords. But when I stopped to think about it, when I am ready to buy, my last search keyword is usually a Model number, or something highly specific to the device I intend to buy.

2008-10-08 09:08:14

I think I came across a spreadsheet recently by a PPC management company that pretty effectively was able to group keywords by intent. An yeah, essentially you’d send people to different pages on your site based on where they were probably at in the buying cycle. I’ll have to dig that out and post about it if I find it.

2009-02-19 15:36:07

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Comment by Wynne
2009-02-27 05:20:55

I just came across your blog today. Great content. Great tips. I think your data is dead on. The only problem that I have with Yahoo is that they dont have an editor – and this really really sux. Thats besides the point. Thanks for the great info.

Comment by Ameland
2009-05-16 12:57:52

Thanks! Great post!

Comment by Sticker Printing
2009-12-11 11:58:01

Good guide about landing pages. Thanks for explain with example of landing pages for particular products.

2010-03-17 19:35:25

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Comment by ex recovery system
2011-11-06 13:56:27

That is very specific, and very good advice Chad, thanks for the tip.

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