Facebook workplace targeting

One of the most critical component of any successful Facebook ad campaign is your targeting selections. Most people select either location, age, keyword, or sex targeting when creating their ad. But another targeting technique you might want to test is workplace targeting. It’s easy to skip right over that option, even though it is dead center in the middle of the ad creation page. I only began extensively testing workplace targeting in the last year, and the results have been excellent.

Workplace targeting can work extremely well on Facebook, if done correctly. Why?

  • Workplaces and organization can have large numbers of people. Those people may be scattered among various geographic regions and age groups that wouldn’t have been picked up on other targeting methods.  The workplace option consolidates them into one easy group.
  • People in companies or organizaions often have a similar interests and needs that you can match to certain affiliate products or services. For example tech companies like Microsoft or Cisco would could be targeted for tech offers, because most of the employees are likley to be interested in those offers. While companies like AmEx or Citi could be targeted for financial based offers, and so on.

You could even go through the list of Fortune 500 companies and think of the corporate culture and interests of the employees of each company. Then find offers to match those interests, and create the Facebook ads.

The possibilities are huge. So, next time you are testing a Facebook ad campaign, don’t forget to test out workplace targeting.

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Posted in General, Social Media by cdfnetworks on 07|14|09
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Comment by Sushimaster
2009-07-14 20:05:45

That forture 500 tip is golden. Thanks!

Comment by Deneil Merritt
2009-07-14 20:48:00

Great tip, I just had to stumble this post. Thanks :)

Comment by MLDina
2009-07-15 01:33:41

Adding targeting options that are campaign specific is a huge asset! While you don’t want to rule out potential views but eliminating too much of an audience, it’s great to have more options to target the right audience.

Comment by Ken Savage
2009-07-15 15:19:55

Chad, so are you saying if I target a specific company such as XYZ pencils that my ad will show for those people who have have XYZ pencils in their profile?

So then I can make a banner that says, “Hey XYZ come buy my erasers” and it would work?

Comment by Chad Frederiksen
2009-07-15 16:02:13

Yes, that’s what pretty much what I’m saying. I think you mean picture though, you can’t use banners on FB.

Comment by Josh Todd
2009-07-16 19:51:35

Awesome post Chad. This is why CDF is one of the only blogs I subscribe to. Now I’m gonna have to go back to the drawing board and try some new Facebook stuff. There are so many possibilities.

Comment by used tires
2009-07-18 16:29:55

Workplace targeting is a very powerful tip! The more you can directly target your audience, the better results you will always have from my experience.

Till then,


Comment by Chad Frederiksen
2009-07-19 21:21:47

Here’s part of some awesome feedback I received via email about this technique:

“… We had our ad up and running within hours (since it takes forever to be approved). First day our cost per conversion was half of G ppc. Today is the second day and our cost per conversion is now only 20% of what it costs on G ppc. So far by utilizing this technique we have increased our lead flow over 100% and it’s only day 2…”

I love hearing stuff like this!

2009-07-20 04:02:59

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Comment by Ruben@OurBlogLog
2010-01-10 23:29:23

I actually noticed this and right away realized the potential , although I am completely clueless about targeted ads to begin with , I would definitely try it for atleast one campaign

Comment by Greg Kolodziejzyk
2010-01-26 19:07:22

Someone – question about FB workplace targeting. I have found many companies listed in Facebook and “Edit Facebook Ad” can’t find them, so I am unable to specify that particular company. Do you know why?

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