Its important in our industry to always be looking forward.  Internet marketing changes so fast that in order to stay on top you need to always have an eye to the next big wave.   There is no way we can predict what will happen, but we can try to look out for emerging trends.  So where do I see the next big trends?  Here are a few that I would keep an eye on:


It is said that all real estate is local.  I think the same will become the true for Internet Marketing.  I see pay per click, organic search, and social advertising all continue to focus more an more on local results.   Even national offers will be focused on individual local levels.  As competition increases for everything, the more local the results for the particular end user, the better.

Vertical specific networks

I see general affiliate networks being less and less relevant as time goes on, due to their obvious challenges.   On the other hand, vertical specific networks are on the upswing.   These networks are tightly focused on one niche or demographic and therefore able to serve that niche more efficiently and thoroughly.   By focusing on one market segment, you can usually dominate your competitors who have limited knowledge of your niche and these types of networks are proving that.

Mobile space + Pay per call

I am really bullish on this concept.  With the current and projected explosion of commerce in the mobile space, and the recent advances in pay per call tracking and processing, this is going to be huge.   Just imagine the benefits of being able to integrate an affiliate or lead gen offer on a mobile with a pay per call solution (rather than a bulky web based transaction) .  You as the marketer, get the super high conversion rate of a 1 touch action.  The advertiser gets the hugely increased back end conversion from their human sales force.  This is still in the very earliest stages, but I am putting significant resources into this concept.

These are just a few examples, there are many many more.   What trends do you see emerging for Internet Marketing in the future?