Its always a good idea to check out your competitors landing pages to see what everyone is doing. The best way to stay current on the trends is to just browse ads in a certain niche. I was checking some of the ads on the first page Google results for the keyword”mortgage” the other day. You’d figure with such a competitive term and high dollar industry, these people would have the absolute best landing page. That is not always the case. Here’s an example of what I would consider 1 bad and 1 good landing page.

The bad:

This page is cluttered, unfocused, and leaves no clear call to action. There are a million links on the page to all the various lending programs, leaving the customer confused as what to do next. Although, it might get customers into the company’s sales funnel, I would assume this is a very low converting page.

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The good:

This page is very focused, its shows the current rate in large numbers, a big red “get started” button, a quick testimonial quote, even a smiling happy family with a dog. This page has all the factors which should lead to high conversion. A great landing page.

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So what do your landing pages resemble more? The good or the bad?

Update:   Please see our follow up post with 4 more good and bad landing page examples

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