How to get into Pay per call

As you may have noticed in my other posts, I’m a big fan of Pay Per Call. I like running direct network campaigns with it, and using it for local lead gen and private offers. I think we are just scratching the surface of the possibilities for the technology.  The ability to track calls like clicks is a real game changer.

Here’s a quick review of some of the benefits:

  • On major affiliate networks, average earning per click for web offers is around .65. For Pay Per Call, average earnings >$10
  • Average conversion rates for online only campaigns is around 1-3%. Pay Per Call is around 30-50%.
  • Higher final sales prices with Pay Per Call
  • Better CTR with ads including a phone number

As you can see, Pay per call has some pretty impressive stats going for it, so how can you get started?  The easiest way is to just run some of the Pay Per Call offers on the big networks.  You usually have to sign up for these programs separately, even if you are already an affiliate of the network.  Once approved, you sign up for an individual offer, just like you would a web based offer.

The 3 largest programs are:

There are also a lot of smaller networks out there running Pay Per Call offers.  Almost all networks are using the Ring Revenue PPcall platform.  (My interview with the CEO of Ring Revenue is here)

What kinds of offers are there?

There is a wide range of offers available.  In general they are more established companies running PPcall, because of the higher investment required to get the programs running, and the staff involved in answering calls.  The payouts are usually a price range on a sliding scale rather than a single payout. For example the eFax offer on CJ pays from $1-$25 based on call duration and menu options pressed.

Some other examples of good paying offers on CJ are:

Fitorbit(Exercise niche) -  Up to $40 per call
Health Insurance Megastore – Up to $30 per call
ADT – Up to $25 per call
Allstate  – $12 per call

Direct Pay Per Call

If you want to try Pay per call on your own offer, for a example a Local Lead Gen offer, you need to sign up for a call tracking service directly.  There are a lot of them out there, but I use Ifbyphone (discount link).  This will allow you to generate a phone number to use with your campaign that can be tracked in Google Analytics, just like clicks.

It’s not hard to give Pay Per Call a try, especially on a major network.  Just like any new web skill, there is a learning curve.  But if you already know web offers and PPC, it’s an easy transition.  If you are frustrated with regular web offers maybe it’s time to give Pay Per Call a shot.

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Posted in General, Pay Per Call by cdfnetworks on 06|03|10
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Comment by Ron
2010-06-03 20:15:22


great post..have been thinking about pay per call for quite some time…

what channel do you use to target prospects? would it be through the web or the mobile device?

Any insights would be great…

Comment by ImagesAndWords
2010-06-04 07:26:05

Very nice post! This suddenly gives me a rush of new ideas on promoting in different niches. Will definitely give it a try.. :)


Comment by Profit Addiction
2010-06-13 08:26:46

Pay Per Call definitely sounds tempting but I think I’m going to stick with SEO and AdSense for now.

Comment by topdatingwebsites
2010-06-16 06:21:07

Very nice! It is possible to make alot of money from pay per call.

Comment by Hard Laptop Cases
2010-06-23 21:25:03

I heard about some guy who did pay per call and put the ads on his taxi cabs. So yeah, the possibilities with pay per call are limitless. I’ll have to see if there are any good offers that would fit in on my sites.

2010-06-28 02:12:41

I have not really read much about pay per call.

This part about “Average conversion rates for online only campaigns is around 1-3%. Pay Per Call is around 30-50%.” Really caught my attention.

I will check out your other posts about it.

Comment by Bidet
2010-07-12 16:52:50

This is a great way to promote a product, I will have to check this. It seems like it will work much better then pay per click.

Comment by Checking Accounts
2010-07-26 18:57:03

Interesting… I’d never heard of this before. I can see why the payout would be higher though. It is much more difficult to get people to make a call (especially if they don’t know whether or not it will cost them) than to click on a side ad.

Comment by car battery
2010-08-15 08:28:59

Those numbers are very impressive. PPC definitely sounds very attractive if one can play their cards properly.

Comment by Liposuction
2010-09-15 16:10:24

Fully agree with your points here. All the posts are fully informative and having very good themes. I love to visit your blog again and again its really increase my knowledge. Thanks for the awesome post.

2010-09-21 05:37:26

i am newbie in Pay per call program. I have only used cj for ppc. other sites are new for me. you have shared very nice informative post here. It will help me to learn more about it. thanks for sharing.

Comment by pettersmith
2010-11-03 09:24:44

This is very good post and I am very much interesting for involving in the pay per call activity. before that i never know that pay per call will save my money very much i really like the information . I just want to know which network will beneficial for this plan. I just want to know more about it.
iphone 4 cases

Comment by Earl Brown
2010-11-19 00:14:32

Chad – very good post.

A few observations from a Pay Per Call pro:

- It’s referred to as PPCall rather than PPC which is generally accepted to mean that old-fashioned marketing technique known as Pay Per Click.

- re: Comment by Checking Accounts: “It is much more difficult to get people to make a call (especially if they don’t know whether or not it will cost them) than to click on a side ad.”

* Not really – depends on what the product is and how it’s being promoted. High-touch products and services such as travel, hospitality, financial etc. featured in video clips displaying toll free numbers will generate calls because prospects almost always want to talk to someone rather than just sign up on a webform. A toll-free number signals that’s it’s a free call.

- “Average conversion rates for online only campaigns is around 1-3%. Pay Per Call is around 30-50%.”

* It’s true, and if the PPCall presentation is really right, conversions can be even higher. Moreover, PPCall payouts are much higher.

Here are 2 PPCall overviews: Please get in touch with any specific questions, I’ll be glad to help you.

Earl Brown

Comment by Vicki Tilden
2011-04-14 17:13:53

Authors need to know what I just learned by trial, you need to be a regular affiliate with Commission Junction and Share a Sale before you apply for their PPCall networks. I got declined by CJ because I didn’t know that! Hopefully they will allow me to re-apply. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else, but maybe I just missed it!

Hope this helps someone!


Comment by joe
2011-08-04 15:37:41

Thanks for the info been doing some looking around at pay per call seems to be a more open market then online affiliate. Thanks

Comment by ex recovery system
2012-05-22 13:20:22

Sounds like PPcall is something to seriously consider adding, thanks much for the helpful advice.

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