I was thinking recently of all the steps that go into building a successful campaign. What is the most important? There are so many factors that can make or break a campaign and so many tools out there to help with each step.  But for me, the biggest impact on the success of a campaign is landing page optimization.

Why is landing page optimization in general so critical to every campaign? Most of your costs are relatively fixed: traffic costs, payouts, etc. But your conversion rate off the landing page is one variable that can skyrocket the profitability of a campaign. Imagine taking a 2% converting lander and with smart optimization bumping that up to 15%. What could that do to your bottom line? There is just no other factor that can make as big of a difference as your landing page conversion rate. Take any failed campaign, and I can almost guarantee the landing page wasn’t optimized and tested enough.

So what is the best tool out there?

The Google website optimizer. This is a tool that a private company could charge $100/mo for and it would be well worth it, but luckily it’s free. If you aren’t familiar with the tool, it’s basically allows you to create test scenarios on various sections of your landing page to see which combinations lead to better results.  There are basically 2 types of tests you can do

1.  A/B test is where you set up 2 completely different versions of a page and see which one performs better.  This is similar to testing 2 ads in your PPC campaign.

2.  The other test is multivariate, where you can test changes to multiple sections of your landing page simultaneously on higher traffic pages.   The results of these experiments are presented in statistically valid results.    I recommend multivariate for obtaining the fastest results.

Check out these videos or quick start guide for a good overview.

Learning this tool inside and out and committing to never-ending testing on landing pages has probably been one of the biggest factors in my successes online. Testing never stops, because as good as a page might be working, you never know which tweak will blow the previous versions away.   Simply put, if you aren’t optimizing your landing pages with a tool like the Google optimizer, you are losing money!