Back on Feb 26th @affbuzz posted a link on Twitter to a post someone did about a new form style called mad libs. This is a conversational style, paragraph type form instead of the standard forms we are all used to. The post claimed these form styles increased conversions 25-50%.   Some pretty big car sites are running these types of forms, like KBB and Vast, you can see a live example here.

I was pretty shocked and skeptical with the claimed results, because you just never know with anything internet marketing related until you test it out for yourself.   The only source of information you can really count on is your own data.   So I called up my designer and with 4 hours had an A/B split test up and running.  The landing pages were to capture leads for a local/regional lead gen campaign I’m running in the financial services niche.   The only difference on the two pages was the form.  Here is what those forms looked like:

Test LP-A, regular form

Test LP-B, conversational style form

The results:

After running for 20 days, I finally have enough data to see the overall trend.

As you can see, there wasn’t exactly an earth shattering outcome, but surprising nevertheless.  The 10.49-11.79% change is actually a 12.4% increase for the mid-lib style form.  That’s 24 extra leads in this case.  It wasn’t the 25-50% increase the other study had shown, but to be honest I was just happy it didn’t lose money.

Bottom line:

Like every landing page element, form styles are a good thing to test.  Do conversational style forms always work better?  No.  I actually think I got lucky with this test.  The niche I used had a primarily older demographic which my instincts told me might respond to this style form.  There are a lot of niches where I think this form style would underperform regular styles.

Just another thing to add to the testing list!