My last post with landing page examples was very popular, so I thought I would review some more pages in a different niche. By critiquing these landing pages, hopefully you will get a better idea of what works for PPC affiliate marketing. My apologies if you are the owner of any of these pages that I selected.

To find these landing pages, I did a Google search for college scholarship. This seems to be a popular niche with CPA networks, although I am not personally involved in these offers.

Landing page 1

This page drops the user off on a cluttered mass of text with no discernable direction to go or path to follow. This would be a great page for quality score which is probably why it was at the top of the paid search results. Perhaps this site just wants visitors, or RSS subscribers to later sell them with an email. If that is the case, they should have made the subscribe button much more visible.

Landing page 2

This page has potential, but falls short. The smiling graduates are good, the short testimonials are good. But the page is oddly spaced and leaves a large blank area at the bottom left. The biggest problem is that the spacing of the page leaves the “next step” button a little low which can place it below the fold of some browsers. (reminder: always test your landing pages is several of the most common resolutions – the resolutions that us tech geeks use is NOT the resolution most of our customers use!)

Landing page 3

This page had the potential to be my favorite of the bunch, but had a fatal flaw. The good parts – the simple bulleted list of highlights, the prominent privacy guarantee, the trust building corporate logos, and the clear actionable path the follow. All killer components of a high converting landing page. But the fatal flaw is the page is too long, putting the submit button below the fold. This will cost conversions.

Landing page 4

This last landing page was my favorite of the bunch. First of all, everything is above the fold and nicely spaced. On the left side were extra links to content rich sections of the site. Even if visitors didn’t convert on this page, there were several opportunities on those pages for conversion. There were 5 bulleted points (which seem to be the magic number of bullets on an LP). The “start now” button was in the center of the page in perfect position for the eye to hit. Lastly, the smiling graduates is a great image to make the visitor feel good about the page. All in all a winner in my book.