Greetings from Vegas! I can tell I am going to need a vacation by the time this week is over! One of the more interesting sessions I attended today was on PPC tracking and reconciliation. One of Goggle’s senior Adwords dudes talked about the 5 biggest myths about the Adwords quality score. Since everyone was asking tons of questions about quality score, it was good to put some of the misconceptions to rest.

Myth 1: There is only one quality score in your account.

Truth: There are many different quality scores for different aspects of your account.

Myth 2: Using all 3 match types increases your quality score.

Truth: False. Match types are not a factor.

Myth 3: Increasing your spend can increase your score.

Truth: Nope, you can’t buy your way to better listings.

Myth 4: High CTR = High quality score

Truth: This is not always the case. It depends on where your ad is being shown.

Myth 5: Optimizing your account deletes your quality score history.

Truth: Restructuring you account and changing adgroups around do not affect quality score as your history used for score calculations are saved.