Using the display ad builder

One reason people struggle getting any significant traffic to their content network campaigns is not having enough images.  You really need to cover every available image size option to have the maximum possible exposure for your display ads on the network.   That’s why the display ad builder is such a great tool to use.

The display ad builder has been out for a while, but the recent updates have made it work really well.  Its basically a tool for quickly creating images to use on your content network display campaigns.  You can choose their standard templates with flash animation built in, load in an image, and it spits out all the standard IAB ad sizes.   Normally, its quite a chore to make 5 different animated display ads.  If you outsource them to a designer you might pay $40 an ad, so a group of 5 sizes would cost $200.  The display ad builder tool can do this in 5 minutes for free.

You launch the tool in a campaign by selecting “new ad” then choosing “display ad builder” from the drop down.   You are then presented with all the different designs and formats.

Its then just a matter of filling in the form fields with the information you want, uploading a logo, and entering your destination URL.  The tool then re-formats each ad to fit the correct size and you get flash ads in every size.  The only catch is, sometimes you have to play around with your images or text in certain ad sizes if it doesn’t look quite right.  But overall, its a very fast process.

So if you haven’t tried image ads on the content network because you don’t have the images, check out the display ad builder.  You could be up and running in a few minutes.

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Posted in Contextual, General, Google by cdfnetworks on 04|26|10
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Comment by Karol Gajda
2010-04-26 16:27:47

Nice! How well have you found the display ad builder ads to perform vs outsourced image ads?

Comment by Chad Frederiksen
2010-04-26 18:10:06

They perform very well, especially if you choose their highest converting formats. They have already done all the testing for you!

Comment by Oliver Gillies
2010-04-28 12:57:03

I use these templates for the company I work for, and they do the job, and look pretty neat.
In Perry Marshall’s latest adwords book he devotes a whole section to banner advertising on the content network…. he was getting ridiculously cheap clicks because of the lack of competition in banner advertising, at the same time as getting a much higher CTR than normal text ad’s.


Comment by Michael Henry
2010-05-05 11:57:39

Awesome work, I would like to see you keep up the pace for a long time.

-Michael Henry

Comment by FlipSite Media
2010-05-11 02:49:25

How timely of a post, I just started researching a faster way to create banners.

Is there anyway to export the banners for use elsewhere or are you stuck using them in AdWords?

Are there any other tools like this that let you export the ads that you might recommend?

Comment by Business Forms
2010-05-28 06:44:03

Display ad is really good tool for content network campaign. Thanks for information about this tool.

Comment by denemek
2010-06-26 11:38:26

Awesome work, I would like to see you keep up the pace for a long time.

Comment by abartisizlik
2010-07-07 16:08:12

Awesome work ;)

Comment by abartisizyasam
2010-07-07 16:10:54

ow timely of a post, I just started researching a faster way to create banners. ;)

Comment by Bidet
2010-07-12 17:00:16

Adding images to your ad does a great job of increasing your sales. It makes your ad so much more visible.

Comment by Checking Accounts
2010-07-27 18:40:35

Looks pretty simple. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely look into that!

Comment by car battery
2010-10-13 07:20:32

I’ve been using display ad builder for a while now. It’s really saved me a lot of time and money without really compromising anywhere.

2010-11-03 07:58:50

This sweet little tool from Clickbank allows you to create tabbed boxes stuffed full of products that might be related to your readers interests.

Comment by selling textbooks
2010-11-11 21:35:25

I just used this the other day. I like how easy they make it to use.

Comment by Web Design LA Spinx
2010-11-15 12:03:36

Images play important role to attract visitors from various way and help to stay on website for long time.

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