I think every affiliate marketer has come to Adbrite and been really excited at the possibilities. “You mean I can get a flat rate 1 week text ad for $1,750 that will bring me 28,000 clicks?!?! With the 5% conversion rate on my landing page that will be 1,400 conversions and at $15 a conversion that’s $19,250 pure profit!! Woohoo, I’m gonna be rich!” Unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way. You have many strikes working against you with these ads.

  • First of all, from our testing experience you usually get a fraction of their estimated clicks. I’m not sure where they are getting their figures, but the estimates are way off.
  • The traffic is largely international, even when it says US. If you have any kind of geo tracking on your landing page you will see this. So if your offer is geo-restricted, much of your traffic will be lost or redirected.
  • This advertising is contextual, which most affiliate marketers tend to avoid. You can’t apply your known conversions ratios from a search campaign, to a contextual campaign. Search traffic by definition converts more because people are actually searching for your keywords. They have put effort into the search, and are ready to convert. But, people simply browsing a site who happen to see you text ad probably aren’t too motivated to convert your desired action.

Of course, as with everything in affiliate marketing, you should always test it yourself to see what works and what doesn’t. Adrite’s flat rate ads may work for some purposes, like to increase brand awareness. But for the cut-throat world of driving traffic to CPA type offers we have found Adbrite ineffective.